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Background Information



A) The information in this database was collected on 2013-2014, the data corresponds to this period.

B) No need to login to consult the information. To consult the information, click on Stadistics. 


In November 2010, the INTOSAI Governing Board established a Task Force in order to create an updated and specialized information database regarding Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs). This initiative is aimed at gathering and making available information such as SAIs’ organization, administrative characteristics, mandate, scope, and auditing practices, as well as data on their communication methods and reporting, among other topics. Nowadays, since the Task Force has completed its mandate and work for the INTOSAI Community, the Working Group on Value and Benefits of SAIs is taking over the use of this electronic tool, as endorsed during the XXI INCOSAI, held in Beijing, China, in October 2013.

This Database makes available the information gathered through a friendly-user electronic tool that can be used by all INTOSAI members and the general public.

It is important to highlight that this Database is neither aimed at assessing nor judging the INTOSAI members’ auditing practice, products, organization, and relationship with other entities. On the contrary, this project’s objectives are:

The Database methodology has obtained public information and fact-based data, which statistical analysis could facilitate the conduction of descriptive studios on each SAI’s situation and also on that of INTOSAI. This way, the INTOSAI community and the general public will have a tool contributing to the investigation and systematic comparison among Supreme Audit Institutions. Likewise, the use of ratios and closed questions has been privileged for the sake of objectivity and to avoid any potential misunderstanding.